Glitter Grosgrain

When you scratch the surface of a glitter grosgrain,does the glitter powder fall?How much does it fade? If it falls from shaking like dust,then you just had the worst manufacture in the world.Want to know how to purchase quality ribbons with best price from a factory directly?Inquiry with LaRibbons: We are in Vietnam and China at your service!

Product Specification:
  • Material :

    100% Polyester

  • Description :

    Glitter Grosgrian Ribbon

  • Size :

    3/8-1/2 Inch Wide,(9mm~38mm)

  • Color :

    15 standard color,accept customized color.

  • Put Up :

    Industry-100yds, Wholesale-50yds/roll,Retail-3yds/roll

The glitter ribbon is LaRibbons' new production in 2017.

We improved the tech and make the glitter powder more strong on ribbon surface.
The shining effect of glitter grosgrain ribbon is excellent.Just love this glitter one.

More than 15 different color glitter powder for your choice.And for the base grosgrain we have have more than 198 colors could ship out anytime. The glitter powder is attached on ribbon very strong with special screen printing glue. The glitter powder will drop off very little,only if you rub the ribbon surface very very hard. It's a kind of ware-on-ribbon for hair bows,not like the outside-decor-ribbon for out door and Christmas Tree decoration.The glitter powder of out door decoration ribbon falling badly.They are the lovely choices for promotion usage. We are preparing pictures and details this week.Will public more nice picture later.

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