Pony O-Perfume Bottle Charm

Pony O-Perfume Bottle Charm

Ring and necklace perfume bottle decoration,and tassel perfume ornament.Has multiple uses as a gift.After finishing the perfume,you can use it as a ring! The smallest tassel we can do is less than 1cm as jewelery ornament and perfume charms.More than 300 color with 50 style designs to choose from.Contact:sales@laribbons.com; Xiamen LaRibbons & Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Product Specification:You will find Multi-Usage perfume bottle charms from LaRibbons.After finishing the perfume,you can use it as a ring!All your idea and sample could come in ture here.Make your brand different,inquiry LaRibbons.
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Multi-Usage Gift Topper

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