Felt Bouquets

We are LaRibbons and Craft, with Craft being a very important part in the LaRibbons factory and production line. We make it by hand, and that's the know-how of LaRibbons and Crafts. We offer you all kinds of gift toppers in various materials for your Christmas and Everyday promotions and event. We do toppers in Felt, Paper, Ribbon, Leather, Pompom, etc. Send your inquiries to LaRibbons and you'll see what we can do for you! Email sales@laribbons.com now!

Product Specification:

 We are LaRibbons and Craft, with Craft being a very important part in the LaRibbons factory and production line. We make it by hand, and that's the know-how of LaRibbons and Crafts. We offer you all kinds of gift toppers in various materials for your Christmas and Everyday promotions and event. We do toppers in Felt, Paper, Ribbon, Leather, Pompom, etc.
Send your inquiries to LaRibbons and you'll see what we can do for you! Email sales@laribbons.com now!


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