10 Most Popular Ribbon 2018

1.Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbon is a popular ribbon because it can be custom every color imaginable, and is available 

in both single-face and double-face variations. This makes it one of the most versatile ribbon styles 

and its subtle sheen makes it the perfect accent to any project.


2.Printed Ribbon

We accept infinitely customizable! Businesses and community organizations can commission

ribbons with their brands and logos, while brides and grooms can order personalized, printed

ribbon wedding decorations. Also pet lover can custom special shape for pet project.


3.Grosgrain ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a staple in any craft closet. Its thick, horizontal fibers provide just the right 

amount of elasticity for trimming and edging projects, while its durability makes it perfect for wrapping,

 scrapbooking, wreaths, and bows. Also grosgrain comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, 

so anyone can find a ribbon to fit.


4.Lace Ribbon

Lace ribbon adds a touch of elegance to high-end events such as weddings and banquets. It also

 makes for an ideal trim on handmade clothes.  You can even layer lace onto burlap for

 a touch of rustic elegance.


5.Floral Ribbon

Floral ribbon is perfect for spring and summer to making lovely gift wrap. But don’t feel limited by

 the seasons. Introduce it as an accent in home décor or a backyard party. 

Also it’s really elegant in dress.  


6.Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon provides flexibility for bows and trim, while the wired edges help maintain the shape of

 the final project. Thanks to its versatility, range of colors, and patterned designs, wired ribbon

 become a favorite of florists and wedding planners in the word.


7.Ruffle Ribbon

Ruffles are an adorable accent to any craft project ranging from hair bows to creative giftwrap. 

Perfect for décor items, gift wrap, treats, gift baskets, a hair bow and more!


8.Velvet Ribbon

Velvet is the example of luxury and elegance . It’s a perfect material for special events and high-end crafts.

 With a plush texture and endless color options, velvet ribbon is a perfect choice for home and business décor,

especially during the winter months. 

Holidays, birthdays and winter weddings are ideal occasions for a touch 

of  velvet ribbon.


9. Plaid Ribbon

Whether you’re love Scottish heritage or just love those pattern and color, this ribbon is attractive and versatile.

 Designs from tartan to Christmas gingham add color and character to any craft.

 You can even use it for hair bows and backing!


10. Silk Ribbon 

Silk ribbon is so romantic matericl that always be used in wedding decor and flower wrapping.

It can also be used with other type ribbon to create a fantastic effect.


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