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A Brief History of Wrapping Paper!

As Megan Garber said,Disguising presents with decorative sheets of paper is, like so many other things, an accident of history.

Firstly, let’s look at a set of data:

This is a set of DIY consumption data distribution in the United States from 2013 to 2021:

From the data in the figure, we can see the overall upward trend of US consumer spending on DIY, and until 2020, Americans’ spending on wrapping paper is $2.6 billion ,accounting for about 24% of Americans’ DIY spending. Group data, it’s clear that  Americans are enthusiastic for wrapping paper. Indeed, the wrapping paper is very beautiful. In various festivals, it is an excellent choice for wrapping gifts. Using different wrapping papers makes this holiday full of sincerity, and of course it can also make the gift recipients. Feel the full sense of sincerity.

But where did the wrapping tradition come from? Why do we, each time we give a gift, ritually wrap that offering in decorative with paper?

The short answer is that wrapping, as a practice, has been around for ages.Here is a table to briefly introduce the wrapping paper used in several early countries:

countryName of wrapping paper used

The Japanese furoshiki, the reusable wrapping cloth still in use today, is a pretty faithful rendition of the version that’s been around since the Edo period.

The Korean bojagi dates from the Three Kingdoms Period, possibly as early as the first century A.D. In the west, using paper as a covering for gifts has been a longstanding, if largely luxury-oriented, practice: Upper-class Victorians regularly used elaborately decorated paper—along with ribbons and lace—to conceal gifts.

In the early 20th century, thick, unwieldy paper gave way to tissue (often colored in red, green, and white) that would similarly work to conceal offerings until they were opened. The practice was echoed in a slightly more practical form by stores, which would wrap customers’ purchases in sturdy manila papers.

Chinese packaging was relatively advanced at the time, and different packaging materials were used for packaging. The most common one is to use paper for packaging.

 In 1917, however, in the United States, all paper eg.(the tissue paper, the luxury paper, the “freak” paper)are used as Decorations.  According to Mental Floss, which knows of such things, that happened for the same reason so many innovations come about: by accident.In Kansas City, Missouri, a pair of brothers ran a stationery store. Their holiday standard tissues were sold out, but they didn’t want to miss this best-selling holiday, and then they found a bunch of them in their supplies. Fine French paper”-not for display, but paper for envelopes. They thought, “Hey, why not use it for packaging?” They put the paper in the shop window and set its price at $0.10 per sheet. Unexpectedly, the wrapping paper was quickly sold out, so on the second holiday, the brothers used wrapping paper to wrap the bed sheets, and the batch of bed sheets quickly sold out. From then on, the packaging paper industry was born. They are the founders of the packaging industry – Joyce and Rollie Hall.

Today, wrapping paper has developed into an indispensable item in various festivals. Therefore, we have also prepared several types of wrapping paper for your reference:

1. With summer as the theme:

With summer as the theme, we use brilliant colors as ideas, and use different color printing on the wrapping paper to reflect the excitement of summer.

Of course, if you have your own ideas, we can also provide you with customer customization, as long as you need, we can meet your needs as much as possible, we will prepare the best price and the best quality for you, here we are , You can definitely find the gift wrapping paper that you satisfies. Looking forward to working with you.

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2. Holiday-themed

No matter what the festival is, we have the corresponding wrapping paper designed for you. The design materials are shown in the following pictures:

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For more details:

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