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How Many Design of The Fabric Material


We all have our trusty tools of the trade, and these are my indispensable crafting tools when it comes to flower making. Many of them may be things you have on hand if you are already an avid crafter, and all of them are easily sourced from local craft and hobby stores. I encourage you to search around online or in vintage stores for unique findings, fabrics, and other frivolities that will give your flowers a personal life of their own.


Keep your eyes out for items like hair clips, headband blanks, brooch pin backs, shoe clips, etc. Whenever I see these things on sale or get a coupon to use, you can bet I’ll be filling up my stash of these findings for beautiful, wearable flower gifts and accessories. Having the right notions on hand will change the fate of a flower forever!


Making a flower doesn’t usually take a lot of fabric, so it’s the perfect time to dig into your stash of remnants and scraps. I also love repurposing fabric from vintage clothing and linens, especially delicate, threadbare cottons. Those “vintage-y” lightweight weaves and faded pastels are perfect for making flower petals. Here are the most common fabrics I use when making flowers.


I like to buy wool felt by the yard so I can work with large pieces at a time. It can be tricky to source 100% wool felt yardage, but you may be able to find wool blends at your local fabric store in a limited selection of colors. I buy my yardage online at The ladies who run that site are wonderfully accommodating and helpful. Online auction sites and are other good places to start a search for good-quality felt yardage. Felt is my favorite material to work with because it’s so easy to sew, doesn’t unravel, and lends itself well to embelishment.


Cotton is durable and very stable, making it perfect for a variety of creative projects. It washes and dyes easily, and it’s one of the most readily available fabrics, whether you’re searching in your local craft store or your own closet for clothing you can repurpose.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton lawn is a delicate, finely-woven fabric that is perfect for making soft flower petals. The fabric is not quite sheer, and it’s best to use a small needle and fine cotton thread when working with it to keep the weave intact. It also takes well to light iron-on interfacing for when you want the beautiful look of cotton lawn with a little bit more strength.


Jersey is a knit fabric with lots of stretch, and it won’t unravel when you cut it. It also feels like a more casual fabric to me, which is great when you want to make a project that doesn’t feel too fancy. Fabric stiffener works well on cotton-knit jersey, and it’s easy to iron and crease, which is important when manipulating the material to create petals and folds.

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