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Fabric Stiffener

Sometimes you’ll want the fabric in your flowers to have a little added stability without bulking up the fabric’s thickness. This is where fabric stiffener comes in: it’s a water-based solution that, when it dries, gives your fabric some structure. You’ll saturate your fabric with the solution, squeeze out the excess, and then allow the fabric to dry flat or formed to a shaped object. 


Whether you want to cut and stitch your own little leaves or bedeck your flowers with millinery findings, you’ll have unlimited options when it comes to greening up your pretty fabric blossoms. Here are a couple DIY techniques I like to use.

1,A teardrop-shaped leaf embroidered with a chain-stitch outline.

2,A long, grassy leaf with a straight stitch embroidered down the center, stemmed on a wire.

3,A heart-shaped leaf stemmed on a fabric-covered wire.


Besides buttons and fabric, I keep a fair amount of hardware in my studio for finishing projects, stemming flowers, and making more magic happen! Here are a few other things you’ll need to finish the flowers in this book.

Decorative Fabric Shears

I encourage you to keep an eye out for deals on decorative fabric shears. Cutting the edge of a petal with pinking shears, scallop-edged shears, or even wavy-edged shears can change the look and feel of your entire project. I think that the unexpected edges always add an expensive-looking , customized touch.


Using the right needle for the project makes stitching so much easier. When choosing a needle size, it’s best to consider the type of fabric you’ll be using. In general, the lighter your fabric, the thinner the needle you’ll want to use with it. Hand-sewing needles will work well for lighter fabrics. I recommend using crewel needles for most of the projects in this book because they are designed for use with thicker threads like embroidery floss and perle cotton thread.

Binder Clips

Sometimes you’ll want to hold layers of fabric together when you’re cutting fringe or petals, or when you’re stitching layers of fabric together. I’ve found that using your everyday office-type binder clips is the perfect fit for clamping fabric together without creasing or tearing it.Fabric StiffenerFabric StiffenerFabric Stiffener

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