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It is very important to have a good supplier for a wholesale. Your wholesale work will not continue if your products cannot be supplied, which may bring you huge losses; If you have enough the source of goods, after this supplier has provided you with a product for a period of time, you find that the quality of this product cannot be guaranteed. Perhaps you have signed a quality agreement with your supplier, but your customer has already received your inferior quality Products, it will bring you a fatal blow the reason that customers will no longer trust you, so when we choose a new manufacturer,it’s very important how to verify a new quality supplier is very important.

When most buyers plan on identifying a new supplier,they are usually tempted to focus on the best price. However, concentrating only on low costs can hurt you in the long term.

It’s is a very wrong approach that may make you only do a one-time business and have worked with you. Customers will no longer trust you. In the business, it is very important to gain the customer’s trust and make this customer reach a long-term cooperation with you, and this customer may also introduce you to expand your business. Once you If you have done it, congratulations, your business has succeeded.

So how do we verify the new quality supplier? Here are some suggestions:

1. Check Certifications

A certificate is often a visual proof to verify a supplier.Many buyers have minimal requirements when it comes to supplier quality certifications. However, suppliers do not always make it easy to view and verify their certifications.We don’t want to toot our own industrial horn, but if you’re not a quality supplier,LaRibbons is a good choice.

Our factory in Vietnam has three buildings, with a total of 280,000 square feet, including 3 production lines: PP Product, Ribbon and Wrapping Paper.

There aren’t anti dumping and anti countervailing duty for USA customer if you purchase polypropylene product and woven edge ribbon from our factory, plus no 25% duty compare with import from China.

 We have a whole range of factory audit. We passed Sedex 4 pillar, WCA (workplace condition assessment),GSV (global security verification),
SQP (supplier qualification program) and pass the audit from Amazon, TJX, Dollar General, Joann and so on.

About us:

2. Evaluate The Geo-Political Climate

Regarding product quality issues,local labor costs may be relatively low due to the relatively backward economy in some places. however the quality of the products produced may be guaranteed. Labor costs in some places are very lowbecause of the local political environment, It will cause the product to be unable to be supplied normally, so when choosing a new supplier, both aspects need to be properly considered.

3. Finding Reputable Suppliers On The Network

There are lists of high-quality suppliers on some online platforms. Although in many aspects they will inevitably have some advertising promotion, it cannot be ruled out that for some suppliers, they also need a platform to provide channels, and some platforms In order to build a trustworthy platform for themselves, they also need these suppliers to provide relevant qualifications.
Product discovery tools like are a good place to find new high-quality suppliers. Of course, this is just to provide a reference.

4.Gauge Financial Stability

We have all seen hurricanes, tornados, snow, rain, and drought impact communities worldwide. However, the news rarely covers the impact these events have on the supply chain. You do not have the luxury of overlooking this. As you select potential suppliers, identify the weather-related events that are typical to the region, and evaluate how they could dictate your ability to maintain business as usual.

5.Carefully Review Product Information

Detailed product descriptions and related info will help you determine if they have the right products for your application. Suppose a supplier has taken the time to provide easily accessible product specs, charts, graphs, and CAD Drawings. In that case, it shows that they value your time and are willing to be as helpful as possible to win and maintain your business.

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