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How to export from Vietnam to the USA

he United States and China have been gambling back and forth, imposing tariffs on many commodities, such as agricultural products, automobiles, chemicals, machinery, metals, and medical equipment. Both countries are considering further imposing retaliatory tariffs. The trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies will have a cascading effect on other countries, including Vietnam, a country that is already facing increased US steel tariffs. Because the United States and China are Vietnam’s top trading partners, and Vietnam’s goods are in China’s value chain, this trade war will have a direct or indirect impact on it.

So in this war of trade , how can we better export products from Vietnam to the United States? We will consider the following aspects:

1. Types of exported products:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection ensures that foreign products imported from Vietnam meet U.S. health and hygiene standards. The U.S. Customs has adopted special care measures for sensitive products such as meat, fisheries, live animals, weapons, chemicals and other potentially hazardous products. Thousands of exporters and distributors who have started production in Vietnam have discovered that their products are it was rejected by the US Customs at the port of entry. If you want to be familiar with the rules of your manufacturing industry, here are some reference materials for you to consult and research. We will also explain the basic import requirements based on our experience in successfully shipping thousands of products from Vietnam to the United States. Most of the entrepreneurs we work with have many years of import experience and have never checked whether the product meets the requirements. The fact is that for most general-purpose products such as footwear and textiles, the import process is simple, but for certain types of products, you need to check whether you meet the requirements in advance, because mistakes can bring high costs. So in terms of the types of products you choose to export, you’d better choose some general-purpose products, and try to avoid sensitive products from the US Customs. For example, what we export is crafts and gifts: ribbons and wrapping papers, which avoids many unnecessary troubles in exporting.

Resources for Finding Rules Below are some websites and resources that you can use to view the U.S. regulations in your field. The following website will help you learn the basics of importing products to the United States.

2.Transportation costs and expenses

We all know that for transportation costs, we sort them from high to low: air transportation>land transportation>sea transportation, but in terms of time cost, we generally have to consider the timeliness of the goods. What also needs to be considered is the export volume of products, etc. Therefore, in terms of comparing various transportation costs and transportation timeliness, you need to consider which transportation method to choose according to the transportation volume and transportation cost. The average price of goods shipped from Vietnam to the United States varies greatly. The cheapest method is LCL. The most expensive is the 40-foot dedicated container.

Here are the various transportation methods and costs. Here we provide you with some references:

Here is a breakdown of the average price you can expect:

Full dedicated FCL container (40′):$15,000
Full dedicated FCL container (20′)$8,000
LCL load (400 lbs.) mixed with other cargo$1,000
Airfreight (400 lbs.)$2,100
Express shipping via FedEx/DHL (100 lbs.)$700

Of course, here are only some references, you need to learn more about the specific market price yourself.

3. Export duties

For import and export trade, one of the factors that must be considered is tariffs. So how are the tariffs on exports from Vietnam to the United States calculated? How much is it? Here is some information for you.

Calculate the total amount of import taxes you need to pay once your goods enter the United States. The US Customs does not impose “anti-competitive” tariffs on Vietnamese goods (unlike China), which is why many manufacturers have moved to Vietnam. The “Harmonized Tariff Schedule” is a document that specifies individual taxes for different categories of goods imported into the United States. For example, it may cost 9 cents to import a chicken from Vietnam. Microphones and other equipment may be zero (tax-free). Clothing tax is usually 9% of the total value. Note: Expected VAT surcharges.

The following is a website for you to check the tariffs of the products you need to export:

If you purchase polypropylene products and wrapping paper from us,There aren’t anti dumping and anti countervailing duty for USA customer if you purchase polypropylene product and woven edge ribbon from our factory, plus no 25% duty compare with import from China.

Here is some information about our packaging products that can be provided for your comparison reference:

Above all, you should have a certain understanding of exporting from Vietnam to the United States . I will talk about more knowledge about import in the next issue, such as How To Find Taxes And Duties For Importing To The US, I will Will be elaborated in the next article.

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