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Important Things to Keep in Mind While Exporting to the USA

According to the survey, the United States is an importing country in all major fields. Under the situation of fierce domestic competition in various countries and close to saturation, many businesses have turned their goals to export trade, and the United States is a good choice. Below we Take handmade gifts as an example to analyze the American market in detail.
In terms of consumption power, the United States has the highest GDP in the world. The per capita income of the United States exceeds US$30,000 per year, and the consumption power is the strongest in the world.

In recent years, the United States has experienced strong economic growth and increased purchasing power, coupled with the continuous launch of novelty gifts and stable prices, resulting in promising sales prospects for the US gift market. The US handicraft market undersold about 11.76 billion US dollars. In recent years, the scale of this market has grown rapidly.

In terms of export policy, since the 1980s, the Meitu government has continued to adjust its foreign trade strategy and foreign trade policy in order to promote exports. On the one hand, use the “Anti-dumping Law” and the “Countervailing Law” to restrict imports and protect domestic industries; on the other hand, use various direct or indirect means to support exports, such as subsidies, tax incentives, technical assistance and other promotion methods to support and encourage exports; The second is to use its status as a major trading country and take the initiative to attack frequently. To open up the markets of other countries, through bilateral or multilateral negotiations and retaliatory means to pressure its trading partners to reduce tariffs and open markets, so as to increase their products and services in the international market. This is mainly because exports are becoming more and more important to the growth and development of the overall US economy. From the second half of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s, the share of the growth rate of exports in the US GDP growth rate continued to increase.

As far as policy is concerned, the export to the United States is still relatively inferior, but due to the huge market and consumption power, the exchange rate also makes merchants in other countries extremely attractive to the US market to a large extent.
So, what should we pay attention to when exporting products to the United States?


1.Culture Difference

If you’re just starting to do business in the United States, you certainly need to be aware of the country’s culture and business environment before you embark on your journey. The following bullet points will help you succeed in the US business environment.

  • Meeting, greeting and small talk – You will gain immensely if you have a sunny disposition when meeting a US businessman. It is common practice to start any conversation with “How are you?” It helps to break the ice and start an informal dialogue.
  • Communication Style – US businesses follow an informal style of communication, which is friendly and most of the time to the point. Do not try to beat around the bush. You will be well served if you answer questions directly and precisely. A lot of business also happens over out of office meetings at lunch or dinner. You should also prepare by having financials of a transaction worked out often during the very first meeting itself. US businesses like to be efficient.
  • Be timely – A lot of laid-back cultures do not attach enough importance on being timely. This will put off many US businessmen. If you have an appointment, reach early, rather than late. Account for your commute or traffic when planning to attend a business meeting.

2.Know That Different States Are Different Markets

You can’t treat the US as one uniform market with interest in the same items throughout. The US has 4 time zones, 50 states and huge differences in cultures as you move from north to south. For example, when you look at New York, the most popular imports are gold, diamond, natural gas, sweaters, pullovers, precious stones, wristwatches, silver, sculptures and antiques.

On the other hand, when you look at the most popular imports into California, the top items are crude oil, processors, ADP machine parts, television related apparatus, semiconductors, scooters, pedal cars, fax machines, and copiers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you approach a state where your industry is popular.

3.Benefit from Trade Shows

Before you jump into the market unprepared, it is best to understand the market and create some useful links by attending trade shows. Trade shows are the places where you can find suppliers, distributors, partners and even the right buyers. However, you have to do your research and pick a trade show that will be most productive for your business. Here are some of the most popular trade shows and their focused categories.

       Trade Show  Focused Industry
1.International Production and Processing ExpoSeafood, poultry and meat
2.TexworldClothing and apparel
3. NSSF Shot ShowIndustrial items
4.American International Toy FairGames and toys
5.International Gem and Jewelry ShowJewelry items and gems
6.America’s Beauty ShowHerbal and Ayurvedic items
7.IBS New York – The International Beauty ShowBeauty and cosmetic items
 8.InventHelps INPEX America’s Largest Invention ShowFabrication, manufacturing, invention, repair and maintenance

4.Know the Legal Constraints

Just like you land in a country and have to abide by its rules and regulations, your products have to do so too. You must research and know if your product is allowed in the US, and that there will not be any legal consequences of selling it within the US boundaries. Here are a few pointers to help you understand your legal restrictions while exporting to the US:

  • Know the items that can’t be exported to the US. This is a good resource to check restricted items as advised by US CBP.
  • Know the items that need certification or license before you can export them e.g. live animals, bones, animal feed, livestock, etc.
  • Understand product labeling and FTC and FDA laws pertaining to product labeling.
  • Understand ITAR before exporting military related items.
  • Get a good grasp on the product liability laws of the US.
  • Find out what technical regulations your products have to meet to avoid lawsuit.
  • Know the packaging requirements under FDA rules and regulations.
  • Check for any trademark infringements.

It is recommended that those who are just beginning to contact the export section should try to choose less restricted products for export. For example, in the export section, we choose packaging paper and webbing with less restrictions, because our company is a company that integrates industry and trade. , There are three main production lines: pp product production line, wrapping paper production line and webbing product production line. If you are an American user who buys these products from us, our Vietnam factory will provide great convenience for you to produce them. Here are some A brief introduction about our Vietnam factory:

Our factory in Vietnam has three buildings, with a total of 280,000 square feet, including 3 production lines: PP Product, Ribbon and Wrapping Paper.

 There aren’t anti dumping and anti countervailing duty for USA customer if you purchase polypropylene product and woven edge ribbon from our factory, plus no 25% duty compare with import from China.

We have a whole range of factory audit. We passed Sedex 4 pillar, WCA (workplace condition assessment),GSV (global security verification),SQP (supplier qualification program) and pass the audit from Amazon, TJX, Dollar General, Joann and so on.



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