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Why we use the ribbon to packing gift?

As we all know, the common functions of Ribbon are functional and decorative. The Ribbon decoration looks ordinary and simple, but it is precisely because of this Ribbon decoration that the items we are decorated have a magical and special. , It has been given our different emotions.

Mother’s Day-To our great mother, the holiday is very special for us. Mother has given us life, so that we can feel the warm and cold of the world, see the beauty of the world, and experience the vicissitudes of life. Therefore, on this special holiday, we always prepare a gift to our mother to express our gratitude and love. The gift what we give may be food, clothes, or jewelry, etc. While no matter what it is, we all need to wrap this special gift with wrappers to make this gift be more special. Then ribbon decoration is your good choice at this time.

So what are the Ribbon materials related to Ribbon? In general, what materials do we use as decorative ribbons? Following the table:

Material NameMaterial Characteristics
PP RibbonHeat resistant, Color fastness,Smooth surface
Nylon Ribbonflexibility
Cotton RibbonGood water absorption, natural raw materials, No environmental protection issues
Hemp RibbonRough, but quaint and stylish

The above-mentioned materials are relatively common materials in the Ribbon. Various Ribbons can be manufactured through different processing, and these Ribbons will also be processed into Ribbons with different functions according to their characteristics and it’s used in our work and life widely.

Back to the topic, If we choose beautifully processed ribbons to decorate our gifts on Mother’s Day, we will let mothers know our intentions on this special day. Our mothers will know our intentions on this special day, and it is also a way for us to express our love, although love does not have to be through gifts. To express it, this is also a good way to express our love, isn’t it?

On this basis, an ordinary Ribbon has been given a different meaning by us, representing the transmission of love, and the magical place of that is the magic, not only on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, children Festival, as well as our other important Days, such as Thanksgiving Days and Christmas, etc. All of them will be more different because of the special decorations.

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