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Tips to Increase Online Sales for Your Craft Business

For online business, you have opened a store online, but you don’t know how to do it, let alone where your customers are. At this time, you need some methods to increase your sales.

1.Know your target customers.

The target customer is your precise positioning of the product. For example, your crafts products are specifically for some high-end people. You need to understand what the needs of this group of people are, such as their preference for color, and For the material requirements, of course, if you can successfully understand their preferences for this category of people, then you will be successful and you don’t have to worry about your business. On this basis, how do you understand this customer demand? There are many ways. We can use tools to analyze the needs of high-end customers, such as family balance sheets, family cash flow statements, risk assessment tables, and family member structure tables.

2 Offer Gift Wrap

Offering gift wrap is a nice way to increase your sales, and it can help in more than one way.
Charge a little bit for a gift wrapping service, and your customers can add it on to their orders, thereby increasing the average amount of your sales. Etsy offers a way to add gift wrap to your offerings, and you can find apps for Shopify that will do the same thing.
The service of gift wrap is something that many customers appreciate. So even if they don’t always use it, knowing that you’re a business that offers the service, they may be more likely to purchase from you now and in the future.

3.Enrich your product category

Enrich your product category doesn’t mean just making a lot of different products and seeing what “sticks”.
To enrich your product category smartly, think about items that might compliment the ones you’re already selling. And if what you make is more of a seasonal item, find a way to make new items that fill in the off-season gap.

For example, if you produce gift packaging products, such as wrapping paper, you can design different wrapping papers for different themes. You can also design different wrapping papers for non-stop colors.

In LaRibbons, you can see that in order to meet customer needs, we update the design on wrapping paper and ribbon regularly once a week, and we strive to do our best for quality and service. and discounts

Perhaps using coupons and discounts all the time is not a good thing for the increase of your product value. You need to know clearly whether the price of your product can be accepted by the majority of target customer groups, and you are offering certain discounts. To ensure that you can make a profit, the occasional discount will be very helpful for product promotion. For example, there is a huge snack shop in our local area. The snack price of his shop will be slightly lower than other major shopping malls, but Not many, but just this point has won him a group of loyal fans. What’s more, he will provide a 12% discount on the 8th of every month. Therefore, on the 8th of every month, their supermarket’s Snacks will be sold out. This is the effect of using coupons and discounts together.

5 .Post on Social Media

If you have yet to set up a social media account for your business, it may be time to jump into the pool! Social media can be a great way to increase traffic (and hopefully sales) for your online business.
Sharing your new creations, showing potential customers how others are using what you make, and giving followers a peek into your process can all help build trust and recognition, which in turn will lead to more sales.
You don’t need to post daily, just create a schedule that you can do consistently. You also do not need to post everywhere. Pick one platform where you feel your Perfect Customer hangs out the most, and concentrate on just that one.

6.Offer Free Shipping

I know, free shipping is one of those things that polarizes the creative entrepreneur community. But many studies show that offering free shipping increases sales, so it’s worth trying to see if this is true for your business.
Take the time to figure out your true shipping costs, and decide how you want to apply them to your individual products. Sometimes adding shipping costs to your item prices would make them way too expensive, so you can try doing a minimum order amount that qualifies for free shipping (“Free shipping for orders of $35 or more”).

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