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How Many Types of Ribbon

Ribbons with their eye-catching colors and designs can accent a simple project and transform it into a special one. Alternatively, they can be folded, looped, sewn, and glued into chic and trendy accessories that stand on their own.

Ribbons can be bought in LaRibbons and Craft Co.,Ltd. From general craft stores to fine fabric boutiques to online specialty suppliers. Nearly all ribbons are available in sizes from 3/16-5in (5-130mm), and vary in price and quality.

All ribbon edges will fray and need to be sealed with either a liquid seam sealant or heat from a woodburning tool or lighter. Edges can also be sewn. Deciding how to seal the edges will depend on the ribbon’s fiber content. Ribbons made from natural fibers — cotton, linen, and silk — should be sealed with liquid sealant, while man-made fibers — polyester, nylon, and acetate — can be sealed with either liquid sealant or with heat.

Most types of ribbon are available as either unwired or wired. Most bows in this book are made with non-wired ribbon, unless otherwise specified. Wired ribbons contain small wires on both edges. Choose wired ribbons for most package bows, floral bows, and wreath bows. Wired ribbons also work well for many ribbon flowers. Unwired ribbons are best for hair bows.

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