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What’s The Special of Printing Ribbon?

Ribbons is used in our lives, today we will talk about printing ribbons.

Generally, nylon ribbons is woven first and then dyed, after cutting ,the color of the yarn will show the whiteness of the yarn itself due to uneven dyeing; but the PP ribbons is the opposite, it dyes the yarn first and then weaves it.  So the true color of yarn-white will not appear, In comparison between nylon ribbons and PP ribbons, nylon ribbons is softer than PP ribbons so that the price of nylon ribbons is higher than that of PP ribbons generally .

We see that printing ribbon mainly includes two processes, glue printing and silicone printing, and each has its own characteristics.

1. Glue printing ribbon

The water slurry printing process used more than that before, but due to its limitations in its use, glue printing appeared. The glue printing can adapt to printing of various colors and materials, and can print on cotton, linen, polyester and various fiber blended fabrics, including all kinds of leather materials, and the printing products have beautiful colors, which are closer to the original design.

  • Silicone printing ribbon

Silicone printing is a process that enables special silicone to adhere firmly to the surface of textiles. The printed products are healthy, environmentally friendly, delicate in hand, beautiful in decoration, and strong in three-dimensional patterns. They are excellent decorative materials in the clothing industry.

With the development of technology, the types of ribbons have become more diverse, and are widely used in all walks of life. For example ,clothing industry, daily life, car decoration and other decoration industries have also become more colorful because of the embellishment of printing ribbons.

In the clothing industry, ribbons is generally used for clothing accessories to enhance the design sense of clothing. Generally we will choose glue printing ribbons. After the glue is applied, the ribbon has a great coverage and is not easy to color. Therefore, the application of glue printing ribbon in clothing is also very extensive. As shown in the figure below, we have chosen the glue point to embellish the trouser legs, which makes the product more unique .

Secondly, in daily life, printing ribbon is also widely used, because printing ribbons is printed with unique prints on the basis of itself, which can be applied to different holiday rooms and gift decorations. Of course, you can use it according to different purposes. such as weddings, we usually choose printing ribbons with the letters “love” to convey our love.

The ribbons is not a necessity of life,but it must be a great for art and craft.

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